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He dreamed of leaving his farm and joining the army as soon as World War I began. He was 15 years old when war broke out and therefore too young to be in the army.

Munro's family was forced to sell their farm after the war. Munro was able to pursue other jobs,Replica Tag Heuer Watches eventually leading to his dream of becoming a professional speedway driver. But, the Great Depression halted his pursuit.

He would soon be back in the motorcycle business, but this time as a mechanic and motorcycle salesman. He was able to race motorcycles and enjoy his new profession.

Roger Donaldson narrates that Munro rode a 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle, an early model that could travel at speeds of 89 km/h. The top speed proved to be inadequate for his racing needs. Munro modified the motorcycle in 1926.

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Photographed by DO'Neil,IWC Ingenieur Replica a replica of the 1920 Indian motorcycle Replica Tag Heuer Watches used to break his land speed record is on display at Te Papa. This replica is based on the Munro's Indian from 1962 and has three tail fins. Image courtesy Wiki Commons

Roger Donaldson narrates that Munro spent every dime he had on his purchase of his motorcycle, which is the 627th Scout ever to leave its factory. Munro also had to race and work full-time, leaving him with little time for the motorcycle. Munro therefore found it necessary to work all night and use creative, albeit unorthodox, methods to boost his bike.